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An introduction to Cityville!

CityVille is a browser based casual social city-building simulation game developed by Zynga as an application for the social-networking website Facebook. It was announced on November 18, 2010, but the launch date was adjusted to December to allow Zynga to make adjustments to the game.

The game attracted 100,000 players on its launch day making it Zynga's largest launch ever at the time of its release. On January 2, 2011, it reached the most monthly active users for an application ever on Facebook, beating Farmville's previous record although numbers may drop as its release date was exactly a month prior.

The game allows Facebook members to become the mayor of a virtual city and to oversee its development into a large metropolis. Players can perform tasks, which include farming, construction, and rent collection in their city using energy points. The amount of energy available increases as the user gains in experience levels. The energy points are replenished automatically at a constant rate.

The player can also visit their neighbor's city and perform up to 5 jobs daily. This gives the user reputation points which provides the user with a free goods bonus with each reputation level-up and increases the amount of energy, XP and coins bonuses available on a daily basis. Players can send other players gifts and help them in some of the goals. The main task of the game is to complete goals,which can be seen on the top left corner of the screen and earn City Coins and purchase all current items for some. Players can also buy goods,sell goods,(supply goods to other players cities if their business branches are on their cities) and produce their own goods by farming and shipping. This virtual game has currently 80 experience levels.

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