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An Overview of Farmville

FarmVille is a very popular real-time farm simulation application developed by Zynga. It currently has over 85 million users.

The game allows Facebook users to manage a virtual farm by growing, harvesting and building crops,trees, livestock and farming infrastructure It launched in June 2009 and has grown to become the most popular game application on Facebook.Over 20% of the facebook user population (and even more extraordinarily over 1% of the planet) play the game.

FarmVille was originally started as a competitor of the popular Farm Town application on Facebook but has grown to eclipse this original manifestation of the virtual farm genre. FarmVille leverages the social networking aspect of Facebook as players can not only manage their own farm but can invite Facebook friends to join the game and be virtual neighbours. Acquiring neighbors has not only a social interaction value but gameplay benefits as well. PLayer can earn gold and experience in the game by working each other's farms but can also (with 8 or more neighbours) expand the physical size of their own farm.

Virtual gifts (such as trees, animals, and decorations) can be sent to you neighbors but even other (non-playing) Facebook friends can join in the gitft giving. Gift not only include valuable in-game items that can be expensive (it's good to have wealthy neighbours) but many personalised elements such as themed decorations.

Player can also earn "ribbons" for sets of achievements in the game. The player first obtains a yellow ribbon for completing a simple version of the task, then progresses through white, red, and blue ribbons. The ribbons are not just for bragging rights but are also a tangible reward for thier efforts in the from of gold, experience, special items or other benefits. Each ribbon may be earned only once.

Players over a certain level can also complete "collections". There are currently six collections consisting of six items of varying rarity. Items can be achieved by performing certain tasks or can be received as a gift. Once a collection is completed they can be exchanged for gold, experience or fuel to run machinery. Collections can be completed any number of times.

In April 2010, Zynga introduced the "Co-op Farming" feature to Farmville. It is only for players over a certain level. The Co-ops are tasks which cannot be completed by an individual player and require co-ordinated cooperation with neighbors. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded to Co-ops that successfully complete the tasks within the time allowed. Successful teams receive gold, experience or fuel to run machinery.

On May 28, 2010 Zynga introduced the "Farmers' Market". It is only for players over a certain level. Farmers can now get "bushels" when they harvest their crops which they can then sell at the market provided they have a "Market stall".

Is this article series we will cover many of the tips, tricks and cheats that will quickly elevate you up the farmville success chain.


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