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Four Party Games You Can Play on Networked Computers

If you like to gather together with family and friends, often you might be looking for something fun that everyone can join in together doing. This can be especially true during the holidays when everyone has eaten and are sitting around doing nothing. One of the best things to do is to play party games together.

A lot of times if you have visitors who have traveled to see you, they will often bring their own laptops with them and since most people have Wi-Fi connections in their homes you can network the laptops with home computers and have a lot of fun playing some party games together.

One game you can play together on computers is RISK. A lot of people already know how to do this because they've played the board game. However, it can also be played on a site called SourceForge project which offers this game to download onto your your desktop or laptop. Just go to the site and install the RISK board game. You just launch the game and one person then will launch the server and after that additional people can join the game once that is done. Quite simple.

Playing the game can be pretty grueling at times as each player takes turns trying to situate their armies across the world and then attacking their neighbors so they can conquer the whole world. The game rolls the dice for the players and then calculates gained or lost armies during the game. The game can be pretty addictive so you might want to set a time limit.

Another one good for party games would be poker. Poker TH is one you can look up if you want to play a network game. You can either join a game or you can host your own. When you host a game you just pick option three on the screen and then configure the poker game settings and the amount of players you want to join you. You can also configure how much money each player will start off with as well. This is a pretty good game especially since it's free.

Armagetron is another game that you can play and it is considered one of the better Tron clones out there. The pace of this game can really get the heart pounding and when you go to the game site it is extremely easy to set up your multiplayer game. One of the nicest features of the game is that you can split the screen into four different views in order to see all four players it allows to play at any one time. If you love speed racing and don't mind crashing, you'll love this game.

Warsow is one of the more popular LAN party games and is a first person shooter. It is very unique because it is actually a game that is good for all ages, the characters are more like cartoons than real people and when the player shoots they are not shooting bullets but a blast of electricity. The virtual surroundings on the other hand are not made to look like a cartoon so you still get a sense of reality.

Often with the onset of the computer age the good old fashioned sit down and play with family and friends has been lost. But these are a few computer games that actually try to bring that kind of atmosphere back to the family through networked computers.

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