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The Top Action Games for Gamers

There are a ton of action games out there for computers and often times it can be hard to break down which ones are the best. Of course it all is up to the person playing the game and what they prefer to play. However, when it comes to gamers they do have a few standouts that are highlighted here in this article.

Assassin's Creed – This is an interesting game and so are all of the ones in this series of games. The original as always for some is the best. In this game the player can on one day start out as a barman that ends up confined in a top secret lab that belongs to the Abstergo Corporation and this corporation is run by the Templars that seem to still exist. Desmond is the games hero or barman in question who was once a member of a group called the assassin's Brotherhood, who were historically at odds with, well you guessed it the templars. Health is the most important thing in this game because the healthier Desmond is the better his memories will match that of his ancestors. The game utilizes elements of stealth, historical fantasy and science fiction. Assassin's Creed was a groundbreaking game for action games which of course has led to a lot of sequels.

Duke Nukem 3D – The Duke Nukem series is a series of first person shooter games that feature alien infested adventures for the title character Duke Nukem. This title cam out 15 years ago but is still extremely popular It even has 2,000 levels created by fans of the game that have been included in even official spin off games and add ons. Yes, the graphics compared to today's games are awful and some of the action can be a bit choppy, it just has something that keeps the gamers coming back for more and still waiting in anticipation for the long time promised new version that was suppose to be called Duke Nukem Forever.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – This is another fine first person shooter game and this particular one is the fourth one in the Call of Duty sereis and the first one to get away from the usual WWII them of the other three games. This one is set in modern times and is the story of a civil war in Russia. The fighting takes place in a variety of different places included the Ukraine and the abandoned city of Chernobyl. The game has modern weapons like rocket propelled grenades and C-4 and the gameplay is very natural. The game offers single player as well as multi-player modes. The graphics and realism are top notch and this is a winner in all aspects of the game.

Left 4 Dead – Well here we go again another Zombie Apocalpse. But that seems to be what gamers are after. There are plenty of just awful zombie games out there but this one is not one of them. It is a very intriguing game. It's not one of those games where players occasionally help each other out, there are actual times in the game where a player actually will require the help of other players that are participating in the game. This means a good teammate can bring a player back from the brink of death with medicine or with a defibrillator or they can lure the undead away with a pipe bomb, and so on. Having to depend on real people in the game is what makes it the most challenging.

Doom 3 – Another satisfying action game for those action junkies. This is the third in a series of great games and all three in the series are equal in quality gaming. Each game is so different from each other it is hard to say which is the best one of the three. This version upholds the tradition of the Earth being threatened by minions of hell but this one has teleportation experiments being conducted by military backed corporation on Mars and this happens to open up a gateway that unleashes demons who are intent on destroying the Earth. This game is not for the weak of stomach or heart with all it exploding guts and blood splatter and gore but for those who love that they'll love this.

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